Monday, 28 December 2015

The Most Desirable Role in WW1

World War 1 is known as an extremely devastating and significant event for everyone involved including Canadians. This event forced many people to risk their lives fighting for their countries. Also, there were many that remained at home to fulfill duties of the household and factories. There was 3 main roles a soldier could have while in the military. There was naval service, land front and Air Force. Along with these 3 roles, there was also the home front. The home front was a role that did not involve being in combat, but instead remained at home and worked in factories. All of these roles were significant in World War 1, however I believe the Air Force was the most desirable position. Although this was defiantly not the safest role you could have in World War 1, it did involve good living conditions and a lot of respect. Everyone who fought in the war is thought of as a hero although members of the Air Force in particular received a lot of respect. They were seen as "heroes" to the public, which is a lot better than what was thought of the men who stayed on the Homefront. Men on the Homefront received very little respect and were thought of as cowards because they didn't go and fight for their country in the military. Also, members of the Air Force and all military personnel were paid well compared to a member of the Homefront who received little money for there days spent in the factories. Living conditions for the members of the Air Force were very well but we're obviously not as good as the living conditions for the Homefront. As a member of the Homefront, you got to remain in your own house and sleep in a bed every night and everything would be very comfortable and familiar. Although members of the Air Force didn't get to remain in their own homes, they did get to sleep in barracks with beds. This is much more desirable and comfortable compared to the living conditions of those in the naval service and land front. As you can see, being a member of the Air Force had its advantages. However, the safety was not ideal. As one can imagine, being in the Homefront was the safest position during World War 1. Although they worked in factories with dangerous objects, they did not have to fear combat. Members of the Air Force had to endure freezing temperatures and high wind speeds while flying. There was also the fear of crashing or being shot down while in combat. However, this is still better than the safety of the land front and naval services. Overall, the members of the home front had the best safety but the living conditions and respect one would receive from being in the Air Force is more desirable. This is why I believe being a member of the Air Force was the most desirable position during World War 1.

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