Monday, 28 December 2015

German Perspective at the end of World War 1

As a citizen of Germany, I am infuriated by the outcome of World War 1. Germany was blamed for the entire war and in the end we lost and were humiliated. Not only did we lose much of our land to the English and other countries internationally but we were also forced to apologize?! Also along with that we were forced to pay for all the war expenses of other countries. How is this fair to the Germans and to our economy and country?! A payment such as this would be a devastating blow to our economy, leaving the country scrambling and divided. Along side all of this, we were forced to reduce our military to under 100,000 soldiers and we have been forbidden from using weapons. If a time of combat arises, we will be defenseless. Many countries believe this was "the war to end all wars" however I have a feeling this will not be the case. Although we are weak and recovering now, when the German empire is strong once again, I know we will fight for our land and what is rightfully ours.

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