Friday, 23 October 2015

My "Lollipop" Moment

After watching a TED talk in class the other day, it made me start thinking about some “lollipop” moments in my life. It was hard trying to find a moment that I think helped define me, but in the end I chose a recent moment that helped define me as a dancer.

I’ve had a passion for dance ever since I was 5 years old and dance has been a major thing in my life for the past 10 years. Although I always loved dancing, I was never really confident in my abilities until my recital this year. I loved being on stage and having fun doing something I loved, but I was always afraid that it wasn’t good enough. After just completing the year end recital last year a young girl named Emma from the studio and her Mom came up too me. I was a helper in Emma's competitive group so her and her mom knew me well. Emma handed me a bouquet of flowers and her Mom went on a huge speech. She thanked me for being Emma's helper and dedicating so much time to help make her a better dancer. She then continued to tell me how I'm her families favourite dancer to watch from the studio. She said that at recital and showcase they always find me in my groups and watch me and how my solo was one of her favourite numbers from that year. She mentioned that her and Emma had a rule where they couldn't leave a competition until they've seen me dance at least once and said that Emma's Grandma (who's very involved in Emma's dance) has said for years that I have amazing stage presence and potential. Once her Mom had finished Emma told me that she wants to be an amazing dancer just like me when she gets older. I often still think back on this moment a lot. Ever since that day I've felt a lot more confident as a dancer and I've been working even harder in the studio. I know for a fact that remembering what Emma's mom said is going to help a lot with my confidence during competition season. Emma's mom told me that she wished they had told me all those things earlier but I'm happy she told me when she did. It was good timing and I still remember every word she said. Overall this moment has helped define and shape the dancer I am today. Not only that, but it's helped with my confidence in my life outside the studio. I'm extremely happy knowing that walking into this year's competition season, I'll be a lot more sure of myself and my abilities.

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