Friday, 23 October 2015

Election Predictions

Our class was asked to take multiple quizzes about the upcoming federal election as well as answer some questions about our opinions and who we thought should win. Before taking these quizzes, we had discussions in class about who we would vote for if we had the chance and who we thought should win. I personally sided with the NDP party because I believed in their platform and their plans for Canada especially when it came to Healthcare. However I had a feeling that they would not have the votes, so my second choice was the Liberal party. I believed in many of their ideas and concepts and had faith that their leader would be a good fit for Canada. 

After taking the quizzes I saw there defiantly was some differences in the results I got. While I did mainly side with Liberal, one of the quizzes suggested that I side mainly with the Conservative party. I did not see that result coming as I feel very strongly about some of the things the conservatives have done while in power as well as I disagree with some of their platform. 

My group was divided about who should win the election. One other person and I thought NDP while the other 3 believed conservative should. We even got into some very heated debates about our opinions considering they did differ and were very strong. In the end however, neither side was correct or got their way. The liberals ended up winning a majority government and also won our riding. Although it did not go along with what our group wanted, it did match up with some of my quiz results. I am happy with the party that came into power. I believe that they have good plans for Canada and will hopefully do great things for our country. 

Here are some of my quiz results

Political spectrum test 

Vote Savy

I Side With

Canadian Vote Compass
Policy Face-Off Machine 

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