Tuesday, 27 October 2015

321: Fort McMoney

After watching the video on Oil Sands in Fort Mcmoney and playing the interactive video game, I was asked to complete a 321. This is a strategy to help analyze a piece of text and pull out critical information and ideas. You list 3 things you discovered, 2 things you agree or disagree with and 1 question you still have.

This was a topic that I wasn't well informed about in the past, so I learned a lot of new information. One thing I didn't know is how the factories that separate the oil and gravel work around the clock. They never shut down which means operate 7 days a week for 24 hours each day. The next thing I learned was something that I was not pleased with. Finding out that Canada is one of the biggest polluting countries in the developing world came as a shocker to me. The amount of oil we extract and burn not only affects the air quality for Canadians specifically, but also for the entire atmosphere as a whole. The final thing I discovered was that 40,000 square kilometres of land is used for oil sands. I do not think the number has to be that big. I feel like how much land they use for oil sands is excessive and not needed and is taking away from other things that could be there instead.

One thing that I did agree with in the video, was the law the government passed. This put a restriction on greenhouse gas emissions and how much they can emit. Another thing I agree with is the opinions of some of the people living in Alberta. The oil sands are definitely developing at a rapid pace and production needs to be slowed down.

One question I have after watching this video is if the government realizes how much damage they are doing to the environment and how far will this go until they realize they need to cut back?

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