Friday, 25 September 2015

Commencement Speech Comparison

I think I agree most with the Steve Jobs speech. Although Tim Minkin’s was very entertaining and had some great jokes thrown in throughout the entire time, I think Steve Jobs did a really good job at getting the point across.
In my opinion, a commencement speech should be something serious and inspiring. I think Tim Minkin’s speech was too much of a joke. While it was very funny and entertaining, I felt like the speech didn’t have a lot of depth to it. One of the first things he mentions in the speech is “You might find some of this stuff inspiring. You will definitely find some of it boring and you will definitely forget all of it within a week.” A commencement speech is supposed to be something inspiring and something that everyone will remember. HIs first 3 life lessons is telling people that a dream isn’t necessary, to not seek happiness and everything is based on luck. These basically go against everything that kids are told from a young age and it’s not very good things to be preaching during a commencement speech. So starting off by saying you’ll forget everything means he’s totally missing the point of a commencement speech.
However, Steve Jobs took a very formal and effective approach to his speech. He based his speech off of his real life experience. This way it was possible for the audience to connect his lessons to a real experience and see how they can actually help them in their lifetime. He told stories of some of his “failures” and said how they helped make his successes possible. I thought it was a lot more inspirational and uplifting and left the people listening with the thoughts that they will succeed in the future. I think the students would have taken this speech a lot more seriously over Tim’s.

Overall I agree with Steve Job’s speech over Tim Minkin’s because I feel the message was more relatable, inspiring and motivating.

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